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Rabbit Vibrator G spot Vibrator; Sex Toy Reviews by Angelique Bamba


The Ina Wave, by LELO

1.  Review of The LELO INA Wave™ G-spot & Clitoral Vibrator

Don’t  know about  y’all, but when I was growing up and got intimate with my first dude, the aspect of proceedings I loved so much was his fingers inside me. One, first. Always one finger first. Then two. And when I was all there and sopping flooded and egging him on, three. Back then Rabbit Vibrators G spot Vibrators or Clitoral Vibrators were concepts that existed only in Sex and the City.  In retrospect, I think I have always been comfortable with my sexuality. And I’d bring that to bear on my review of the Ina Wave. And my review of every female adult product here in my corner at bazooka sex toys;-)

What got me thinking about “fingering”? The Ina Wave. Take a look at the image of this rabbit vibe again, darlin’. What do you think? I’d help you out. This baby fingered me like it was possessed, blew my G-Spot with incredible waves and redefined clitoral ecstasy for me. Believe me sweethearts, I’ve seen more than a few definitions in my lifetime and can tell you with confidence that LELO is the best thing to come out of Sweden since ABBA. LELO are the makers of the Ina Wave.

I took delivery of this toy in the office on a somewhat grumpy day and detailed my assistant to get it charged. Hadn’t made up with my boyfriend after a minor fight the previous week so had nothing but the unknown quantity – the Ina wave, to look forward to at home that evening.

My First Experience of The Lelo Ina Wave

A Late night show and a few tots of Jack Daniels on ice later, I was feeling no pain. I asked Amazon Echo to massage me with John Legend, grabbed the Ina Wave pack from the sofa where it still lay with the car keys and walked into my bedroom.

Ordinarily sex toys’ reviews is just work…and yes, pleasure of course, for me. Ordinarily, too, I have no inordinate respect for expensive or marginally expensive or so called luxury sex toys just on the basis of cost. But My breathing got a bit labored with anticipation after I broke the wraps and saw the Ina Wave. Nothing beats confidence in a product…any product, as much as great finishing, design and packaging. It felt silky soft when I picked it up and traced my fingers along its contoured silicon shaft which was a good, average size. The clitoral stimulator arm looked cool and promising too. Enough to trigger sexual salivation 😉

I did a fast test run with the controls, pushing the buttons through different mode settings and vibrating intensities…the results boosting my anticipation. I quickly went through my ritual of sanitizing toys before first use and stepped out of my night dress.

Gorgeously nude and just a likkle juiced up with expectation, I was initially mildly impatient and disappointed when the clitoral arm felt stiff and irritated my clit rather than pleasure it. But I’d had that experience with a sex toy in the past. I selected the highest vibrating intensity and worked the clit stimulator up, down, sideways, kneading and adjusting the pressure points till it felt less stiff, more malleable. The toy also made some noise while vibrating, but John Legend on the echo easily drowned it.

I adjusted the intensity buttons on the clit stimulator to a butterfly whisper and tested the result on my nipples. I had the poor dears pleasurably hard and straining in seconds. No chaffing or stiff irritation. So I lay back against my pillows again, flicked the light switch back to the deep blue bulbs I love so much and held the Ina Wave’s clitoral arm buzzing crazily in soft, massaging motions. As it turned my clit and senses to rapturous jelly I let go, allowing the silicon shaft to plunge inside me.

At first nothing. Calm before the storm. Then my senses began processing the incredible pleasure. I was getting thoroughly fingered! The shaft of the Ina Wave rabbit vibrator was fingering me! It was taking me places I thought only existed in cheap erotic fiction…I was shuddering and gasping and heaving and on the extreme verge of orgasm in less than a minute! I consciously, almost painfully fought myself out from the cliff in a super human effort…instinctively not ready to get over the edge just yet.

Rabbit Vibrator G-Spot Vibrator. Clitoral Vibrator. Fingering Tool. Pleasure Triangle!

The Wave Effect

The Wave Effect

Breathlessly, I reached down and pushed the mode button to simulate the wave motion from whence this toy got its name, barely achieving that in my jelly state.

The solid, vibrating silicone shaft plunged back inside me. And that was when my G-spot took a hit! And that was when – for the first time tonite, I let out a cry of deep-seated, relentless pleasure and began moaning shamelessly. Reaching down, I adjusted the clitoral piece as it furiously stimulated my clit and increased my toe-curling sighs and lip lickin’.

The Ina Wave wave motion was nothing like anything I’d ever experienced with a guy or a toy. It kind of thrusts up and down and round and round with its tongue-like end, creating waves and waves and overlapping waves of erotic tattoos and sensations that are G-spot specific, targeting near-instant awesome orgasms.

And when I did let myself go and surrendered to the threatening waves of orgasms, I screamed and convulsed over and over and over, eventually stuffing my mouth with the beddings. I was stunned out of my wits at the strength of such a release, amazed at the toy, a little shame-faced. God! This is it. I’d never felt so exhausted and sexually satisfied.

And I thought I’d seen ‘em all before tonite.

Something kept screaming eureka in my head because I’d finally found it; Rabbit vibrator G spot vibrator. The ultimate, multiple G-spot orgasm generator!

When I woke up from the most blissful sleep of my life at 5:30am, I grabbed the Ina wave again like Donald Trump and this time I turned off the shaft’s vibrator and coasted home – solo, with the clitoral stimulator in about four minutes, replicating the stupendous shudders of last nite. The morning experience prompted me to add to last nite’s assertion; the Ina Wave is the ultimate clitoral orgasm generator!

Did I mention that there’s pleasure in my line of work? Make that plenty pleasure, darlin’ 😉

Love you,      Angelique.


My Final Thoughts on The Ina Wave Review

Of course our bodies are different…what works for Chelsea might not necessarily do it for Ivanka, but with the ina’s wave motion technology, I suspect every girl can get blessed with a toe-curling G-spot orgasm. Every time  😉

Product Facts For The Ina Wave

  • Manufacturer’s product description: INA Wave is a sleek and stylish dual-action vibrator that incorporates a seductive waving motion to reach a woman’s most erogenous zones, while ergonomically designed to suit the female body’s natural curves.
  • The product has 2 different modes’ buttons and 2 different + and – vibration intensity buttons.
  • The INA Wave automatically remembers and saves the last stimulation setting you were last using, so that the next time you turn it on, it will start.
  • The product manual gives the Ina Wave a 10-YEAR QUALITY GUARANTEE as a continuation of the terms of LELO’s full one (1) year warranty. (please read manual for details)
  • Every  product’s lifespan is greatly increased with proper maintenance and care. LELO recommends use of a water-based lubricant on the INA Wave. Avoid using a silicone-based lubricant as this could make the silicone permanently tacky.


2.  Review of The A&E Warming Rabbit G Vibrator

The Warming G Rabbit Vibrator by Adam & Eve

The Warming G Rabbit Vibrator by Adam & Eve

One thing we all agree on…except Mr. Trump, I guess, is that global warming has messed up our seasons as we knew them. Almost christmas already and Winter has refused to properly arrive…but pulls fast ones on us every once in a while. Like on that Tuesday morning, last week. The hour before dawn. 5am or thereabouts.

The evening before had been warm and I’d fallen asleep on the couch only in a lacy bum shorts and bra …there’d been no hint of a cold dawn to follow. There’d been no hint either that I’d wake up horny and missing the warmth of a man’s touch and arms around me. I grabbed a robe from the hallway.

Sex was supposed to be the last stuff on my mind cos I had an important presentation to make for bazooka sex toys downtown later that morning and my slide print-outs were strewn all around the couch I’d slept on.

But I hadn’t reckoned with the weather.

I’m usually distracted all day when I don’t satisfy a sexual urge. This would be a bad day to risk distraction. Then I remembered the 3 adult products that had been waiting for my review all week. The first was a vibrating panties which I put aside. The second was a butt plug which I bypassed, reached further down and pulled out the third packet. It was a compact, cute, black pack. The name jumped out of the packaging and hit me with the irony of the circumstance. You guessed right; The A&E Warming Rabbit G Vibrator!  A&E for Adam and Eve, of course.

A “warming” vibrator inside me on a cold morning like this? At That very moment that name did make it look like a vibrator definitely made in heaven. I took the powder pink sex toy out of the pack and quickly scanned the pertinent bits my assistant had circled on the manual.  This baby’s warmth – the manual said, radiated from the raised bump in the inner centre of the shaft.  I hoped the vibe would deliver because I was already in lust with the generous dimensions of the shaft and the broad grooves on the active side…kinda wanted it all inside of me sooner than later. I hoped the vibe would deliver.

A&E Warming G Rabbit Vibrator

A&E Warming G Rabbit Vibrator

The rabbit/clitoral stimulator looked well angled, too, and broader towards the tip. I guessed I wasn’t going to need a lot of artificial lubrication. I was doing ok in that department. I wound the robe tight and locked my laps tighter.

…but it wasn’t because of the cold.

I tested the controls, trying out each of the 5 vibrating intensities of the clitoral stimulator. The power and buzz seemed solid. A lower arrow key got me through another 5 settings for the shaft. I felt a stronger, more intense vibration at the shaft’s tip and guessed why as I quickly sanitized the toy for initial use and left the motor running.

I had nothing on beneath the bum shorts and was soon nude under the robe. I put a couple of fingers inside me and was ashamed that I’d gotten so moist when i was not sure if this was a crappy toy. Still standing, right feet on the couch, I guided the throbbing shaft of the warming G into me, startled at the come-hither sensation as the bulb parted my labia aggressively and plunged in..

One. Two. Three…four. Five. Seconds. The warmth generated by the vibrating toy suffused my insides deliciously and there seemed to be a concentration of power at the tip of the shaft. In my standing position, it was not exactly hitting my g-spot, but I was having a whole new experience that was mostly due to the warmth and the powerful vibrations. I was panting and giddy and convulsing with stimulations I couldn’t stand a second longer and lowered myself on the couch, barely holding onto the vibrator as it kept jerking to and fro inside me.

With a leg on the soft floor rug and the other making an inverted ‘V’ on the couch, I tapped the upper arrow button on the sex toy and the clitoral stimulator buzzed to life. I got it to mid intensity and allowed it to sit on my throbbing clit, quickly building up to a peak of mindless pleasure as I pushed the shaft deep inside once again.

A combination of the warmth and the two stimulations enveloped my top two erogenous zones and seriously messed with my head. Few seconds later I thought I was gonn go beserk with dual clitoral and G-spot orgasm.  The concentration of pulsating power at the tip of the vibe’s shaft had found its mark and was doing steady, focused, crazy things to my G-spot. I was thrashing like a head-severed snake on the couch: jerking upright a few times, clenching and relaxing my thighs a few times, moaning and heaving repeatedly and almost afraid of the earthquake orgasm I was sure was on the verge of engulfing me.

The rest is history. I’m not gonn tell you what happened afterwards. Your guess is as good as Adam & Eve’s.

They’ve been in the sex toy business for above 45 years, so its no wonder they understand what works. I mean, this toy was able to arouse and lubricate me with its warmth…and afterwards I felt massaged and totally, but not exhaustively sated. It also took away all tension I might have had as I anticipated my busy day ahead.

I recommend it absolutely and hope it works for you, too.

Love you,      Angelique.

My Final Thoughts on The A&E Warming Rabbit G Vibrator

Of course our bodies are different…what works for Chelsea might not necessarily do it for Ivanka. Depending on your dimensions, you may find the shaft of the warming Rabbit G a likkle big (nothing lubrication can’t sort out, sweetheart). You may also find the warmth a likkle too warm (which would be rare). But with my overall assessment and experience with this baby, I suspect every girl can get blessed with a toe-curling C & G-spot orgasm. Every time  😉

Product Facts For The A&E Warming Rabbit G Vibrator

  • The manual says it’s a silicon rabbit vibrator, color pink, made of smooth, luxurious silicone material
  • 4.5 inches insertable shaft length, 8.5 inches total lengh, 1.3 inch diameter G-spot tip and 1.3 inches width.
  • It features a Clitoral stimulator, dual 5 function clitoral arm and curvy, vibrating shaft settings with independent controls.
  • Boasts Waterproof operation, multiple vibration modes and multiple motors.
  • This awesome darling takes 3 minutes to reach soothing warmth, heats to max of 107.6 F. The warmth radiates from inner ridges of the shaft.
  • It’s battery operated, hypoallergenic and has multiple Speeds. It’s rechargeable and Includes USB charging cable.


Vibrating Panties

You can’t believe these panties exist! You can’t possibly imagine the bold, gorgeous glow of your beauty and incredible confidence when your day is filled with subtle sexual stimulations and countless, discrete orgasms at work. Dare devilish sexual stimulations while you are making presentations at work or going through stuff with your boss or colleagues…or while making eye contact with your secret crush on the hallway, imagining its his thumb rather than that crazy, throbbing vibe inside you. Vibrating Panties are the sex toys your good ma’am definitely warned you about. Reviews and products coming soon to bazooka sex toys for affordable buys online.  

updates in progress…


Anal Playthings

Anal sex toys are sex toys inserted into the rectum for anal stimulation. These toys used to be an exclusive preserve of gay men, but has gained above-board mainstream traction over the years. Most men have discovered the sexual pleasures of stimulating the prostate and women have discovered the sensuous intimacy anal sex and toys bring to copulation with either sex. 

Specific sex toys – vibrating and non vibrating, enhance the pleasure of anal sex. The practice is common in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships. Many erogenous nerve endings in and around the anus mean that consensual adults can both derive intense pleasure from anal sex toys.  Anal Sex has to be enjoyed responsibly, though, considering the soft tissues in the rectum and the lack of self lubrication of the anus. STIs are also more easily transmitted via anal sex toy swaps. Bazooka sex toys recommend water based lubricants in most cases and condoms are a must for non couples.

Some Anal Sex Toy Types include;